We welcome any questions you may have about joining the Three Spires Singers and Orchestra. Some of the most frequently asked questions are shown below.

Is there a waiting list to join?

There may be times that, in order to achieve a good balance of voices,  we have to limit admission of sopranos and altos. However,  singers from all voice parts are welcome to try a rehearsal with Three Spires Singers at any time of the year, though it's best to come at the beginning of a term. Dates can be found in the Choir Diary.

Do I need to be able to read music?

Yes. An ability to read music is necessary because the choir learns new music quickly, though we are given some help with difficult passages. You can also get help with learning your part using on-line services such as 'Choraline'.

Is there an age limit?

Absolutely not! The rich and balanced sound of our choir comes from having a wide mix of voices. Some members come straight from school; others are extremely experienced and have been singing for many years.

I've heard that you have to audition to join TSS.

That's right, but every potential new member is encouraged to come and attend two or three rehearsals first to see if they like the choir.

I haven't had an audition before. What would I need to prepare? Would I have to sight read?

All of our choir have to attend an audition to become members and the whole choir is re-auditioned every three years. However,  the audition isn't too terrible. You would be expected to sing some scales to check your range, and do one or two simple musical exercises. Then you would sing a prepared section from the work we are currently studying – you will be given plenty of notice of this so that you can prepare it thoroughly. The good news is that there's no sight reading!

I'm very nervous of auditions. Would I have to sing in front of all the choir?

No, auditions are always held privately, usually in small groups of two or three.

I think I have a good voice and I can read music but I'm not sure which part I should go for.

Don't worry; come and sing with the voice part that you think is about right for you and the music director will advise you at your audition.

I really love the next work you are performing but I don't want to join the choir permanently. Could I sing with you for that concert?

Very occasionally the music director recruits a few additional experienced singers for a particularly large and difficult work but no, it's not possible to just come and sing with us without committing to full membership. Sorry!

I'm on a tight budget. Do members have to buy their own music?

No, all music, with the exception of Handel's Messiah, is supplied and included within members' subscriptions. The annual subscription is currently £190, payable at the beginning of the season or by special arrangement with the treasurer. Students in full time education pay 50% of the fee.

What happens if I miss a rehearsal?

It's very important for the quality of our performances that all members are thoroughly prepared and know the music really well. Naturally there are occasions when a member has to miss a rehearsal through sickness or unforeseen circumstances but commitment and an attendance of 80% is a requirement.

Where are the performances held?

There are usually four performances a year, most of them in Truro Cathedral, and usually with full professional orchestra and soloists, many of international renown. Occasionally performances are held elsewhere: we have  connections with the musical festival at St Endellion church, and we have performed in London.

Is there a choir uniform?

Not as such, but all performances are in 'concert black', ie evening dress with black bow tie for men, and long black dresses or dress trousers with long sleeved black top for women.

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