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Three Spires Singers is pleased to welcome new members: we are always looking for good singers with enthusiasm and commitment. Those who love to sing well will thoroughly enjoy our challenging and exhilarating weekly rehearsals. They involve some hard work preparing for performances but there is great satisfaction in making music together.

Newcomers are most welcome to join us for two or three rehearsals to judge whether they are comfortable with the rehearsal style and to meet our friendly members. If possible it's best to come at the beginning of a term when we are starting to study new music so that you can also judge if the learning speed seems right for you.

Rehearsals are held from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Monday evenings in school term time at Archbishop Benson School, Bodmin Road, Truro, TR1 1BN - click here to view it on a map

For term dates click the Choir Diary

"I believe that a strong friendly atmosphere in a choir is essential for good music making, so to be offered the chance to attend some trial rehearsals before auditioning meant that I could experience the camaraderie first hand, helping me to decide if the choir was for me and indeed if I was right for the choir" - B.M. (Bass)


If you have enjoyed the rehearsals and feel that you would like to join the choir then we will arrange an audition for you. This is normally held before a Monday evening rehearsal and you will be given notice of the music (from the current work) which you need to prepare. There's no sight reading, and apart from the prepared music the audition consists of some scales and simple musical tests.

"The audition was a little scary as I had never been to a choir that needed one (previously had only sung in school choirs) but they were all very nice... It really felt like they wanted me to be a part of the choir." - A.W. Soprano

"Knowing the music to practise beforehand was very helpful." - R.W. (Alto)

Membership Secretary

Please contact the membership secretary, Sally Hind, if there is any further information you need but you may find the answer to your question here If you would like to attend trial rehearsals it would be helpful to know when to expect you so that you will be greeted and introduced to one or two members from your voice part.

Sally can be contacted on

If you would like to talk to her about your possible membership please include a phone number and she will be happy to ring you.

"Being a member of Three Spires Singers is a worthwhile challenge, very satisfying, very enjoyable – and something to look forward to every Monday!" - F.M. (Alto)

"Being in Three Spires Singers means a tremendous amount to me; the musical direction, choice of works, the scale and quality of the repertoire are all immense. Working with the orchestra and soloists adds to the overall excellence of the musical experience"
R.W. (Alto)

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