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Russell Pascoe concert and ticket return information

Sunday 7th June, 2020


We are of course still determined to perform Russell's requiem, along with all of the glorious programme planned, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that whenever that might be, the seating plan will have to be different even if the government’s social distancing rules are loosened. This means that the original ticketing plan can no longer be used.

These changes, and the considerable delay we now expect, mean that we have decided to offer ticket holders a full refund on request.

Some ticket holders may be concerned that they will lose their “good seats”, so you also have the option of retaining your tickets: those who do so will be contacted when the new performance has been set up, and will have the first opportunity to exchange them for the nearest possible equivalent seats in the new audience set-up.

Those who bought their tickets from Cornwall Riviera Box Office
will automatically receive an email shortly about what to do.

Those who bought tickets from Penny Price
should please email her at this address:  if you want to request a refund. Please include bank details of the account you wish to be credited.

Those who prefer to hang on to their tickets need not do anything at this stage: we have a record of who has which tickets and you will be contacted when the new performance has been set up.  

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